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Aug 22 13 3:39 PM

They didn't say why it would take that long, though if it is being made up of bits and pieces from the whole tour, as seems possible from what I've seen said, as well as the show in Atlanta, it could take a while to edit. And get Justin's approval. It seems he's a stickler for how he wants things presented, and makes sure it's that way before he'll release it. And if he's going to be busy, with Moodies tour in the fall, possibly followed by another segment of solo tour, who knows when he'll have time to look at it?

Going to have trouble waiting for it myself LOL

Next trip is with Phelps and Sharon, and they're (at least Phelps is) driving : ) I am so glad!!!!!!! Still don't know if being so dag-blasted tired on the trip is why I haven't been feeling well all week. Hoping to spend a quieter and restful weekend. As much out of the car as possible.

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Aug 30 13 2:12 PM

That makes sense, about why it could take so long to get the DVD out there.

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.¤·º°´¯¸.¤·º°´¯¸.¤·º° Follow Your Heart ¯`°º·¤.¸¯`°º·¤.¸

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Sep 11 16 9:40 PM

As you saw on Facebook, I went to see Justin last night in Cardiff. Fantastic show - Mike and Julie were on top form, too. It was nice to hear 'Watching and Waiting' plus a new song that's going to be featured in a film about a veteran coming back from Afghanistan (unfortunately I can't recall the title!) Great night, I'm only disappointed that I missed John, who has been touring here too. Oh well, maybe next time,

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Sep 13 16 9:29 AM

I have just started driving again over the past week. But I'm only doing short journeys at the moment. I am thinking about trading the car in for an automatic, as I won't have to bother with changing gears.

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Sep 17 16 3:19 AM

Oh,no! Man, you did a job on the shoulder! Is there hope that the therapy will bring it back? It took years for me to recover from my foot problem; it could just take time and continued, consistent work. Not that I know what's wrong but - don't give up.

In the meantime, yes. An automatic sounds like a good investment.

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Sep 19 16 6:09 AM

I have now been told that I have arthritis in the shoulder - and the fact that I dislocated the same shoulder twice about 25 years ago has left it weak. This is probably why the fracture was so complicated. Having said that, I'll be continuing with my physiotherapy exercises and hoping it helps in the long run.image​ (This is me attempting to exercise!!) image

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Jun 22 17 2:54 AM

I've just bought a ticket for Justin's solo gig in Cardiff on 2nd October, along with Mike Dawes. I'm pleased he's touring over here again, but I'd be happier if there was any news on a UK Moodies tour (especially this year, with the DOFP anniversary)

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Jun 22 17 3:59 AM

Cool. It should be a good evening, as you know. It's strange, I think, that they haven't said anything about the DOFP show over there. John had mentioned that they were hoping for RAH; guess it hasn't worked out. Next year would be their normal year for the UK - but it's late for the 50th anniversary.

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