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Nov 15 16 3:36 AM

He is and he's going to be President. It wouldn't be so bad if the Congress was able to stand up to him, but it's solidly Republican, and I'm not sure the Democrats can do much to restrain it or him. We may be seeing a lot more public demonstrations against the government than we have in a long time.

One thing - it's certainly opened my eyes to the depth of racism and intolerance there is here. I knew it still existed, but not to this extent. Or that it was so close to the surface. Or that so many people are willing to spite themselves through spiting others. I've felt for a long time the the US only gives lip service to its own mythology about freedom and equal opportunity. I think this election proved that.

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Nov 15 16 10:50 AM

I know it's a serious thing, but I saw picture online today accompanying a report about the anti Trump demonstrations. It showed a demonstrator holding a banner which said 'We Shall Overcomb'. It made me laugh.

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Nov 28 16 3:02 AM

Just to let you know - my brother's going to have another catheterization today (maybe; they were supposed to let him know yesterday what time to be at the hospital today but that hasn't happened; supposedly at 7 this morning, now, to call), so I don't know when I'll be on here. He's been having trouble with dizziness and no stamina (for months) and the doctor finally decided to have a look. Not to change his medication, mind, whose side effects include both symptoms. Anyway, I'll let you know what's going on.

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May 5 17 1:49 AM

THANK YOU! I really did miss this. Partly because Lesa loved it so much. And I have to agree that it was better when the world hadn't adopted it. Star Wars Day? Really????

How are you doing? Things are a little weird here. The weather's affecting how the seeds in the garden are germinating (Too much rain). The political stuff is getting more and more unbelievable. Whoever thought robber barons were a thing of the past was SORELY mistaken. I am vainly trying to lose weight. Other than that... : )

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May 8 17 12:14 AM

It's weird. I heard someone say that phrase as part of a joke way back in the 1980s, not long after 'Return of the Jedi' was first screened. I began using it as a greeting to people on the appropriate date every year since. But in the past few years it seems to have taken over the world! Maybe I should have copyrighted it!!

The political situation does seem to get stranger doesn't it? Over here a general election has been called for next month (after Theresa May had insisted that there wouldn't be one before the due date in 2020) Rumours abound about the Conservative party trying to divert attention from several of their MPs being investigated for financial irregularities, but also the smart money is on the fact that the Labour Party is in complete disarray and now is a good time to call an election, as it would almost certainly mean an increased majority for the Conservatives. as a former labour Party member it gives me no great pleasure to see this, but I left them after Tony 'Smiler' Blair was elected leader of the party. I never did trust that man.

The Trump factor continues to dominate international politics, of course, and the recent sabre rattling over North Korea is scary, but also a good example of how not to conduct foreign policy....

The one positive factor is that France has not elected the ultra right wing Marine Le Pen as president. The actual winner, Macron, is described as 'centre-left' but I'm not sure, he seems to be another wealthy businessman to me. Anyway, life goes on.. good luck with the diet!

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May 9 17 10:41 AM

You should have : ) My nephew was just down in Florida at the Star Wars Convention at Disney. I gave up on the Star Wars movies because it seems they're only a way to sell merchandise; haven't seen any since the fourth one came out. My nephew and the others and the new kids are crazy about them, though. You could have made a mint!

So who are you hoping gets in?

Scary doesn't say it. It's scary every day here. What idiocy are they going to perform next? What protections for everyone and the environment are they going to cut off? How much more money are they going to return to their buyers and screw the rest of the country? It's not just Trump. It's every one of the Republican party. I have a Repub Congressman. And have let him know how unhappy I am with the way he's been voting. Fortunately, both Senators are Democrats and are voting to resist the idiocies.

I saw that! As well as the invitation Macron gave to the US scientists. A defeat for Putin. Yay.

Thanks. It's going very slowly...

How's your shoulder?

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May 10 17 4:05 AM

I'm hoping Labour get in, mainly because their current leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is a decent man who has never played political games. He actually sticks to his word and has never been afraid of criticising the elite (even those within his own party.) The problem, of course, is it's those qualities that also make him unpopular. He's usually branded as a radical left winger, with all the scaremongering that goes with that. To me, he's simply an honest man who says what he thinks.  Unfortunately, being a realist, I think the Conservatives will get in again, with an increased majority.

​My shoulder is not too good, in fact I'm due to go back into hospital next week for another operation. I've finally given up playing cricket, due to the shoulder, but also due to the fact that my knees are useless - I'm on a waiting list for surgery on them, too. Old age doesn't come alone, does it?

​My youngest, Matthew, turned 30 last week - now that, along with the fact that he will be a dad himself in September, makes me feel old - and Paul will be 37 next week.  I've just come back from a short trip with the choir to a lovely little town called Tewkesbury, we sang in the Abbey there, a beautiful place with marvellous acoustics. I was fortunate enough to have another solo spot. One of the other members called me the 'blue eyed boy' but I told him, my eyes are brown!image

Finally, Rachel sent me these pictures of Olivia. The first one was taken about 18 months ago, not long after they first adopted her, and the second one is from last week. Time doesn't stand still..


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May 13 17 7:01 AM

So cute! She's gorgeous! I'm glad she found a great life with her adoptive parents. I bet you're very proud of them.

It says a lot, when you can describe someone as honest and straightforward and then add that he won't get elected because of being that way. There's something wrong there.

As there is here. My congressman, Republican, is an insurance millionaire. And sponsored the amendment that convinced the Repubs in Congress to pass the healthcare bill that, if passed in the Senate, will mean I won't have health care. It raises the rates on seniors and reduces the numbers of pre-existing conditions that'll be covered. While granting huge tax cuts to people like himself. Something wrong there, I think. I liked a video on Facebook, taken at a town hall with him; I don't know if you can see it. That's the kind of anger that's being generated by the people that are supposed to be representing us all. And it's not just healthcare. It's so many things. Every day seems like something else is being defunded or someone's being fired ---- I do so hope firing Comey turns out to be the biggest mistake they all made. I've already signed petitions for impeachment. And can't wait for the day the Democrats take over the House. And Bernie Sanders gets his one-payer healthcare system approved. And so much else, that should have been done for eight years, finally does get done.

Sorry. It's scary and frustrating and very angry here.

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May 15 17 4:45 AM

Exactly! Sorry to have unloaded on you, but I can't talk about it without getting angry. So, I don't, very often.

Best of luck with your surgery. I hope this solves the issue. (((MIck)))

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Jul 3 17 3:16 AM

Just a note to say that I'll be away for the rest of the week, starting tomorrow. Friends asked me just a couple weeks ago to go to one of the Moodies' shows in Toronto on Thursday. They're playing with an orchestra and the shows are being recorded for PBS, probably, and a DVD. We're going up the day before and coming back the day after. And I have to tack on another day each side of that for getting to and from their place. I'm a little excited. Much as I don't like seeing the guys with an orchestra, there's a reason for them using one this time : ) And it won't interfere with the first half of the show.

I hope you're doing well. Any signs of how therapy's working? I see you've been singing. Sounds great!

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Jul 18 17 2:17 PM

I'm off for a few days in Belgium on Thursday. The choir are singing in a concert at Mouscron on Friday, which is Belgium's National Day. Then on Saturday we are singing at the First World War Memorial at Ypres. We will be laying a wreath at the War Memorial. Should be an interesting trip, I'm looking forward to it.

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