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Nov 24 16 4:28 AM

You do, and thanks! It's going to be quiet, just my sister, my brother, and me. And the dog. But the birds are feasting (everything was refilled; various seeds and suet, and water). And it's somewhat warmer today. Might rake the leaves from the base of the fence...

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Jun 21 17 3:02 AM

Happy Solstice to you, too, Mick.

I don't know if you remember this...

Mist and Moonlight

Mist and moonlight, silken shadow
in the Dance or in the meadow
in the forest, in the valley,
in the flying mountains madly
Chase us merrily as you can
cannot catch us, maid or man,
for we vanish from your eyesight
back again to tease you, not fright.
Gentle summer makes us gambol
and we lead you on a ramble
through the forest, through the valley
through the mountains dancing madly
‘til day breaks, finds you at lake’s edge.
There we leave you.
Drink deep of the waters,
drink the pure waters and fall into a sleep
Watch over you we’ll keep
‘til next year’s day wakens you
and we say:
Mist and moonlight…

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