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Aug 6 16 10:02 PM

Nailed it!

As we were singing the first chorus, my mind suddenly went blank - I completely forgot the words to my solo verse...all of a sudden I remembered the first couple of words and before I knew it, I was singing the verse word perfect. Nice spontaneous round of applause at the end, not just from the wedding guests, but also from the rest of the choir, which was probably the most satisfying.  One of the baritones, Richard, who has been with the choir a long time and has a wonderful voice (think Ray Thomas!) said to me afterwards "Well done Mick - a star is born." I know he was just being supportive, but it meant a lot to be complimented by someone whose opinion I respect.


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Jan 17 17 5:38 AM

Really nice. They obviously enjoy singing : )

Sorry it took so long to see this. I've been getting over a case of bronchitis, lovingly gifted to me by my family : ( Just lingering congestion left now, but after two and a half weeks, I'm really tired of feeling sick!

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