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Feb 9 17 6:11 AM

What a contrast to last week. Snowing here in Bethlehem - I came up yesterday to avoid driving in the storm. High 20s for temperature, going down to 14 tonight. Hoping the band makes it here okay; we're on the fringes of the storm, not in the heavy stuff further north and east. But I think there are going to be a few empty seats tonight. Waiting to hear if a couple of friends are going to come in early today. We were going to meet for dinner before the show but they're thinking about driving up before that and hanging out in the hotel room.

Last week: sun, beach, JL. This week: snow, shut in, JH. Winter in the eastern US.... It was high 60s yesterday when I left home.

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Feb 12 17 5:23 AM

Reviews are up on TER. Fantastic time. And the weather wasn't too much of a hassle. Except for having to attempt to dig out the car in the hotel parking lot. Really good shows.

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Feb 13 17 5:48 AM

Yup LOL Couldn't have been more different. I'm so glad to have missed driving in the snow. Both drives would have been horrendous.

But there was a good thing from the cold weather - see the haiku thread : )

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Feb 14 17 6:09 AM

Word seems to be (on TER) that John said that the DOFP tour will encompass the US, Canada, and the UK. Some places with orchestra, some with synthesizer track. I'm relieved. I was so worried about where I'd have to go to see this. And you should be able to see it, too!

All in one tour? It really sounds like this it for them.

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